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Friday Fun Fact - Dec 3, 2021


Today's subject is Figure Skate vs Hockey Skate

1. The figure skate is recommended for beginners & it's easier to be in balance due to the shape of the blade.

2. The figure skate blade is long, flatter, and has a curve near the toe called the “rocker,” which allows the skater to make long and graceful turns. It also has a toe pick at the front of the boot which allows for big jumps and tight spins. The ridged teeth of the toe pick dig into the ice to give the skater an easier time balancing and pushing off the toe without falling.

3. The figure skate boot is higher, stiffer. more pliable and lighter than a hockey skate.

4. The hockey skate is tough and doesn’t bend easily, keeping your toes safe from being broken by flying pucks.

5. The hockey skate has a short blade with a more rounded curve than figure skates, which makes the hockey skate extremely good at executing quick turns and digging into the ice.

6. The hockey skate is a sport that demands the ability to stop and go quickly, turn easily, handle well and go fast.

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