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Friday Fun Fact - Jan 14, 2022

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! For those who always wanted to learn more about the ice rink, now is your chance. It's "Friday Fun Fact".

Today's subject is your Operations Manager, Malcolm Martin aka The Most Interesting Man! Malcolm was born and grew up in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. He started in foot hockey at 9 years old and quickly started roller hockey. until Glenwood Springs got an ice rink when he turned 15. Played in house hockey leagues while also figure skating for 2 years till he turned 17 and went to college and played for Mesa State College (currently CMU) in 2009. After school, he worked in rockfall and landslide mitigation for 7 years before going back to school again and playing for Colorado Mesa University in 2019. In August of 2021, Malcolm was hired as the Operations Manager at River City Sportplex. He's in charge of operations and maintenance of the ice, ice resurfacers, cooling equipment, and all other building equipment including the Zamboni. Away from work, you can find Malcolm doing outside activities, including, snowboarding, ice and rock climbing, or mountain biking to name a few. His best friend is his rescue Border Collie/Australian Kelpie named Traya, Her favorite thing to do is running!

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